Show & Tell Your Story

Just what you need to introduce and show off your business with online video.

You shoot the video with your own digital camera — or an easy-to-use camera provided by Awesome Business Videos. We provide quick and clear instructions to help you make your video awesome. When you’re done recording, you send the camera back to us in the prepaid shipping box we send you. Our expert editors create the finishing touches to make you look good.

It’s that easy to create your Awesome Business Videos.

But why spend any time or money on video?

Video enables you to show potential customers how you can help them. Video enables you to show your products and demonstrate how they work. Video enables people looking for your services to see and hear from other satisfied customers about what a good job you did for them. Video is a terrific way for you to share how-to tips and information about your business or industry, including market trends, advice and insights so that you are seen as an expert source of consumer information.

Seeing and hearing you with video on your website or social media pages is the next best thing to being in the same room with your prospective customer. It’s your opportunity to say hello and introduce your business — when the customers are looking for information and in the way they want to learn about you.

That last point is perhaps the most important. The average online user spends more than 7 hours a month watching videos shared just on YouTube. That’s in addition to all other sources of online video and all of the other time they spend online. What else do your customers spend that much time doing?

What does that tell you about the value of showing off your business with online video?

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