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The “All Business” Deal

“The “All Business” Deal Video…$249.00

Actors, Singers, Performers

Audition Reels, Cuttings … $249.00

Extra Value Deals

Script Writing … $99.00

Story Boarding … $99.00

Professional Voice Overs and Audio Recording … $175.00

What Happens Next

1. When we receive you paid order, we will immediately ship your Awesome Business Videos kit, which includes a digital camera, tripod and our easy-to-follow guide to help you create an awesome video. Also included are template forms for you to use to write your video script and story board to plan out what you want to say and see in each scene of your business video. Shipping is free.

2. Once your video kit arrives, you have 5 days to record your video. Then, ship the camera and tripod back to us using the same package in which it arrived. We provide a new shipping label with prepaid postage for you to stick on the package for the return trip to Awesome Business Videos.

3. We can include good-quality photos and logos as well as other video that you provide. Email them to us with any information you can include about who or what is shown in your photos and video.

4. Once your video kit is returned to us, we will expertly edit your video, adding titles, transitions and background music. We will post your video to the Awesome Business Videos channel on YouTube.com, and provide you with the embed code and URL for your video along with a copy in a common digital format. These will enable you to add your new video to your business website, Facebook page or other social media profiles. Let us know if you need help to add your Awesome Business Videos to your website.

Final Notes: You own your video and may use it for any business purpose on your websites and social media profiles. By purchasing Awesome Business Videos products you give Awesome Business Videos and Celek Media Consulting permission to use your videos on our YouTube channel as well as any and all of our other digital and print publications, marketing and training materials and presentations.

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