Let’s Get New Business Together …

We see new opportunities to partner with your business to offer Awesome Business Videos to your customers. Let’s talk today about how to do that.

How We’ll Partner with You

Video Camera IconWe work with website developers and content managers, social media consultants, video and audio production companies and marketing and advertising agencies to help our partners and customers grow their businesses.

You offer Awesome Business Videos as part of your product line or services to your customers.

When you become one of our reseller partners, Awesome Business Videos will not solicit your customers. Awesome Business Videos products are priced so small businesses can afford them and to create new sales opportunities for our reseller partners.

Each reseller partner is given a unique redemption code that identifies Awesome Business Videos purchases by your customers.

Reseller Commissions

Our goal is to help you grow your business by finding opportunities to add Awesome Business Videos to the products and services you provide to your customers.

Script Writing IconWe are happy to pay you for each new order of an Awesome Business Videos product that comes from one of your customers.

We’ll provide you with sales collateral and a unique redemption code to share with your customers.

When a customer purchases an Awesome Business Videos product, that code will identify you as the reseller.

Here’s our Reseller Offer:

• 15% commission for each Awesome Business Videos products purchased by your customers.

• 18% commission for each of 5 or more Awesome Business Videos products purchased in a month by your customers.

All purchases will be made on the website with full payment by credit card by your customer. Awesome Business Videos will edit and deliver completed videos by posting them on an Awesome Business Videos channel on We provide your customer with the video embed code, URL and a copy in a common digital format for their use of the video for any business purpose.

Become a Reseller Today

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