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Script Writing … $99

Script Writing IconYou’ve got a great story to tell about your business. And you and your employees are in the best position to tell it.

Our “All Business” Deal includes tips and advice to help you make an awesome video that shares your business story.

You may decide, however, that there’s not enough time at work to write down what you want to say on camera. You do have a business to run, after all. Or maybe you’re stuck on what to say. We can help by writing the video script for you.

We will interview you and also talk with employees and customers you suggest. With information you provide in a 20-30 minute phone call and/or by email, we will draft the script that prompts you with what to say on camera. We will make your video as easy as possible to record at your business.

Order Script Writing Today!

Story Boarding … $99

Story Boarding IconWhen you want to add video to your website or Facebook page, but decide you want more guidance about how to do it, we will plan out every scene to record and create what’s called a story board.

This is a map that guides you step by step about what scenes and sounds to record.

We draw up the story board for your video after talking with you by phone and also reviewing any photos or existing video of your business that you provide.

Order Story Boarding Today!

 Professional Voice Overs & Audio Recording … $175

Microphone IconSound as good as the businesses you see on TV and hear on the radio. Our partners at Audio Concepts will record, edit and produce a customized soundtrack for your video that will put the “A” in awesome. World-class voices and award-winning production quality will help your business be heard above your competitors. Write your script. Then in our studio, we add a professional voice over plus background music and sound effects when appropriate.

Choose the Voice Talent You  Want for Your Video

Order Pro Voice Overs and Audio Recording Today! 

Broadcast Quality Videos …

Broadcast TV iconWhen your business grows and you’re ready to add the very best videos for trade shows or television commercials, our partners at Exit Row Productions and Video on Your Website are ready to help.

There’s no one else we trust to create broadcast-quality commercials or presentation videos.

Contact Us Today for Broadcast Quality Details & Pricin

See The “All Business” Value Video Deal … $249

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